How Will the Christian Super-Majority Respond to Attacks?

February 14, 2014

by Nathan A. Cherry

A number of times now President Obama has stated that America is “no longer a Christian nation.” I don’t believe that every person in America is a repentant follower of Jesus, and I am certain the president does not believe that either. What I believe the president was trying to accomplish with his remarks is to distance modern America from our religious founding and heritage. In President Obama’s ongoing attempts to replace “freedom of religion” with “freedom to worship” he would like nothing more than to imbed the idea that America is not founded and based on biblical principles.

In a solid refutation of the president’s claim, a recent Gallup poll released at the end of December in 2013 shows that a super-majority of Americans, 75%, identify with the Christian faith. Dr. Frank Newport, Galup’s Editor-in-Chief says:

“Now, our overall estimation of what percent of Americans identify with the Christian religion depends a little on which of our various polls we look at, but I would estimate that about three-quarters – 75, maybe up to 77 percent of Americans – identify with the Christian religion.”

What this shows is that despite efforts to remove our religious founding, heritage, and current religious freedom protections, Americans are still overwhelmingly religious. How this identification plays out politically is another matter altogether, but the president is absolutely wrong to claim that we are no longer a Christian nation (i.e. a nation of religious people espousing a faith of some sort.).

These efforts are, I believe, part of a larger plot to push religious influence out of the public sector and sight and confine it between the four walls of the church. As long as Christians and people of faith are free to openly express their religious beliefs in public, faith will always have a broad influence on individuals. This will result in continued roadblocks for liberals and progressives seeking to fundamentally transform America.

But only a naïve person would believe the story ends there. We are accustomed to believing churches enjoy special constitutional protections that keep them from being interfered with by the government. That “wall of separation of church and state” liberals like to squawk about, put into proper context, protects churches from ever being told what they can and cannot teach about. This historic protection gives us peace as we sit in our pews each Sunday.

It could be this broad protection for churches that is driving our government to continually push America under the oversight of the United Nations. More than one attempt has been made to relinquish U.S. sovereignty to the U.N on issues such as gun control and women’s health. If successful, what these efforts will do is make the Constitution null and void in those areas. In other words, the 2nd amendment would no longer be the law of the land; the U.N. would now supersede the Constitution regarding gun laws.

Where the real purpose of these efforts become crystal clear is in articles like this one that show the U.N. “demanding” the Catholic Church change teachings on homosexuality and abortion. The article says the Catholic Church must show “circumstances under which access to abortion services can be permitted,” and must “overcome all the barriers and taboos surrounding adolescent sexuality that hinder their access to sexual and reproductive information, including on family planning and contraceptives.”

Let me cut through all the political gibberish and explain what this really means. The United Nations is demanding the Catholic Church abandon their doctrine and religious convictions regarding abortion and teach that abortion is permitted, even if only in certain circumstances. Furthermore, the U.N. is demanding the Catholic Church encourage adolescent sexual activity against their religious convictions and make access to contraceptives and abortion available to their students.

The U.N. further condemned Catholic teaching on sexuality and is demanding the church abandon doctrine and convictions to teach politically correct positions that encourage and celebrate homosexuality. Quite predictably, the U.N. would like the Catholic Church to create a special class of citizens for homosexuals in which their rights would be elevated above those of others; including those with religious convictions against homosexual activity. This is exactly what ENDA laws that include sexual orientation or gender identity in them accomplish.

To me this sounds a lot like a state sponsored church akin to those in communist countries like China and North Korea. The effort to create a global society is gaining steam as our government continues to push for greater involvement in the United Nations that will result in ceding our sovereignty to that body. Seeing how the U.N. is pressuring the Catholic Church is there any doubt that similar pressure would be put on American churches to “comply” with official U.N. policies regarding these issues?

American churches have been blessed with some of the broadest protections in history regarding their freedom to teach and preach according to their religious convictions. The government has not sought to interfere with church teachings on any subject because it knows the Constitution specifically prohibits such interference and the Supreme Court would have no recourse but to defend the churches against any governmental attack. But no such protections exist under the umbrella of the United Nations. Knowing that American sovereignty and the Constitution would take a back seat to official U.N. policy, it’s no wonder our government is seeking to push American father into participation and compliance with the U.N.

It’s undeniable that there is a concerted effort to undermine the religious freedom of churches. The Obama administration gives his big business donors and friends a pass on ObamaCare and the HHS mandate while demanding that religious charities and institutions like the Little Sisters of the Poor comply. The Obama administration is going after long-standing policies, like the housing allowance for pastors, which are designed to help small church pastors seeking to help their communities. But none of that matters if those churches and those pastors continue to teach biblical principles regarding the sanctity of human life and sexuality.

As long as churches continue to teach what the Bible says about these moral issues the attacks will only increase. With a media that is complicit to its agenda the Obama administration is embarking on unprecedented attacks against Christians, churches, and the freedom to worship. I America is pushed further under the umbrella of the U.N. we can expect to see freedoms reduced and big-government regulations increased.

What that means for the individual is a demand for compliance that will no doubt violate religious convictions. Yes, our government is really prepared to violate the religious convictions of a super-majority of its citizens.

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