Why Obama is Destined To Lose

March 25, 2012

President Obama has put the vehicle into D and has the pedal to the metal, and like the chicken, he’s trying to get to the other side. Only problem is, there’s no bridge and he’s heading straight for a cliff. It’s like a movie from the early 90’s but only it’s Barack and Michelle instead of Thelma and Louise. But in Thelma and Louise, the two women actually shot a rapist, while here in the United States, we almost feel like we’re being raped by the guy we gave the honor of leading our nation to.

Today was election day in Louisiana and while I was in a store, I overheard two women talking. “Did you vote?” one of the ladies asked.

“No, I couldn’t. They wouldn’t let me. I’m an Independent,” said the other.

“Me too, I didn’t get to vote. Why is it like that?” the first queried back

“That’s Louisiana for ya”, the other replied.

That caught my attention, especially since I do advocate closed primaries. It’s very simple, and let me explain it to you in very simple terms. I am a Republican and Democrats don’t want me deciding who their Presidential Candidate is. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to the Democrats if enough people decided to vote in the Democrat primary against Barack Obama. With a closed primary, he managed to get 72% of the vote in the Louisiana Democrat primary. He could have very easily lost his own primary without a closed primary. Not that I would object to it, but Democrats ought to decide who is best to represent them and Republicans ought to decide who bests represents them. But, I digress.

The lady continued on and, being that she’s not a political activist, I listened to what she was saying. She didn’t want to vote for Obama, and she wants him out. She’s solidly in the “ABO” category (Anybody But Obama). President Obama lost that independent vote, and along with it, so did the Democrats. There are many reasons for this, among them are the following.

“I Won” – When Barack Obama first became POTUS, he had an aura of arrogance to him. Telling the Republican congressmen “I won” and suggested on several occasions that the Republicans ought to just shut up and do nothing while the Democrats got to work “fixing the economy” that the Republicans “wrecked.” Forget that the Democrats took control of congress two years before the economic collapse. Time and time again President Obama stated that he was going to focus like a laser on the economy, and four years later, well, we’re still waiting.

Gas Prices– The last time gas prices were this high was the summer before Barack Obama’s election and Democrats capitalized on high gas prices by repeating a line about George Bush and his oil buddies in Texas. How hard is it to say “Barack Obama and his Muslim buddies in the Middle East”? Especially when he’s doing everything he can to stop oil production inside U.S. borders? With so much of people’s paychecks going into their gas tanks, it’s not going to be that hard to remind them of Obama’s all or nothing approach to Alternative Energy, Stephen Chu’s $9 a gallon of gas suggestion, and saying to Brazil that we want to be their number on customer.

Finger Pointing– The Republicans in congress, Wall Street, the Bankers, Bobby Jindal, Jan Brewer, John Boehner, Israel, Oil Companies, Capitalism, George Bush, man made global warming, America, them, them, them. Half the things that come out of President Obama’s mouth is how it is other people’s fault. Not that anybody expects a Washingtonian to take accept responsibility for their actions, but the more the people hear blame, the more they hear “I am not capable of solving this.”  While Congress might get punished by the people for it, the President definitely will.

Inherited a mess– When I first heard this I thought to myself “Oh, somebody died and made Obama president?”, which wasn’t the case. Barack Obama campaigned on the idea that he could fix the economy, and the American voter elected him on the premise that he would fix the economy that was quickly deteriorating. Four years later, Obama’s re-election strategy is still talking about “inheriting a mess” which has actually gotten worse, not better. Now it’s coming off as desperation, as admitting failure. A vote for Obama out of pity. “Yes, Obama sucks, but he could have been a good President if only he didn’t “inherit a mess”.

But Americans like winners, and President Obama has been anything but a winner. Perhaps the Democrat National Convention should adopt a new slogan. “We didn’t nominate him this time, we just inherited a mess.” Perhaps at their convention, they can hand out those brown paper bags like the fans at Saints games used to wear. Only difference, instead of “Aints” written on it, “Baroke” would be written on it.

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