Why Conservatives Should Leave Facebook

April 9, 2014

Facebook testBy Jeff Blanco

I have known for some time know that it’s getting harder and harder to get people to “like” posts or to comment on posts that I have put up. I couldn’t tell you the actual numbers, but it used to be that when I’d post something on Facebook, I’d easily get 20-30 likes and a few comments within minutes after making a new post. Now I find that when I post something on Facebook, I can go ten fifteen minutes after posting something before I even get 1 like.

Is it possible that it’s just me? Is it possible that my friends don’t like what I said? Is it possible that maybe I changed enough that my friends no longer like what I’m saying? Possible, improbable. As a conservative, one should first look inward before outward, meaning that we should first look at the possibility that we can be wrong and if we are, quickly accept responsibility. So, as a good conservative, that’s what I did. I asked myself, what am I doing wrong?

However, what I have found is that people are disappearing from my news feed, and it is through no fault of my own. I’m sure you have discovered it as well. People who you used to dialogue with all the time seem to have evaporated from your timeline. Did they block you? Did they ignore you? Not likely.

In fact, Facebook has changed for the better, or so they say. Facebook now makes what appears in your news feed things that you are going to be interested in, based on your past interaction. The problem with this is, that isn’t what I want to see at all. I am a conservative and I usually don’t agree with Liberals on many issues. Since I don’t interact with Liberals that much, Facebook has decided that what they post on their timeline is irrelevant to me.

Unfortunately for me, that’s simply not the case. I want to see what Liberals are saying. I like that they challenge my thought process. I like that they disagree with me. See, having somebody trying to prove you wrong accomplishes one of two things. You will either fortify your argument and learn to present a better case, or you will simply admit that you are wrong. Politics isn’t always a pretty scene, and often times people can be mean, but in the long run, the open dialogue, the Right we endear so much, Free Speech, challenges our minds and makes us a more intelligent nation.

I used to love that about Facebook. So much information coming my way. Every time I turned on Facebook, new information was coming my way. Now, it seems as though I’m limited in just a few new post and one that seems endlessly stuck at the top for days at a time. The one posts that Facebook has identified for me, that Facebook thinks I will like so much, that I want to see it for three days. It’s as if Mark Zuckerberg is intentionally crashing Facebook to drive down the value of stocks so that he can buy them back.

But in the meantime, while the Conservative message (and I suspect the Liberals feel the same effect too) only gets spread to a limited amount of people, Conservatives betray their own cause by keeping Facebook’s popularity way up, allowing Zuckerberg to promote his own politics. Politics which are not in line with Conservatives. Facebook, in deciding what you want to see has also taken the power to decide for you what you don’t see. In a generic sense of the word, Facebook censors. It would have been much easier for Facebook to put in a dislike button and let you decide what you do like, and what you don’t like.

While we do not endorse a mass exodus from Facebook, we do suggest that Conservatives start finding a way to spend less time on Facebook. We at Conservative Fifty have started a forum for our readers to discuss politics. There are other outlets too. We do not want to make suggestions other than our Forum simply because a mass exodus would be more harmful to the advancement of Conservatism. A mass exodus would leave us divided at a time that we need to be uniting.

However, we do encourage you to join our forum, invite friends to discuss politics and we do suggest that you find other social networking outlets.


I had facebook block me because I told an illegal to return to mexico, after the man had repeatedly trolled Trump supporters. Yet we get threatened, kill whitey, Trump losers should die and so on and so forth and when we report the trolls oh the trolls do not violate service. When we speak anti Hillary we get blocked, but hillary and bernies can bash us freely without getting blocked. It is a violation of FIRST AMENDMENT.


Why stay trapped in Facebook, relying on Newsfeeds?  It's like the old mentality of early AOL, that wanted you to stay within its cluster among all its business partners. I remember too many thinking back then they were seeing all the Internet, not realizing there was a little button to click that took them outside the AOL kingdom.   There are countless blogs and group forums to sign on to that will suit your political tastes.  Be bold, explore. 


I'm a liberal, and I notice the same thing.  I think the blame is strictly impersonal, and has nothing to do with political bias.  The Internet is expanding faster than the number of its users.  It's like entropic heat death after the Big Bang.  As the number of destinations proliferate and expand, the users get scattered farther and farther apart.  The only way out is to somehow attract many, many more readers and outdo the competition.  I would strip if I thought it would help (likely the opposite).  Getting more extreme might suffice for awhile (but only awhile).  Maybe in the end, it's just each of us, alone, screaming into the void.

Avman1 moderator

@Marc_ValdezI don't think it's "targeting" conservatives, but my argument is that Conservatives should leave Facebook, venture out, find some place new to put their attention to. I think Facebook has changed so much that if you want something to get out there, some information, music, idea, etc, Facebook simply does not give you the ability to make things go viral, not as it used to anyway.


@Avman1 @Marc_Valdez What is the alternative site you wish them to go to? hm? There is none. The only one who claims is such is a radical site. So where? Many are there for their families too


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