Who Do You Consider To Be The Most Successful Gun Control Advocate?

July 28, 2015

With Governor Bobby Jindal’s recent call for stricter gun control laws, we have decided to run a poll asking our readers “Who Do You Consider to be the Most Successful  Gun Control Advocate?”. Although there are other famous gun control advocates, our poll focuses on famous gun control advocates. We encourage our readers to share our poll and let’s find out who America’s favorite gun control advocate it. We wish to make it clear that a vote for somebody is not indicative of your support for that individual’s policy. Below the poll, we will list reasons why each one was successful

Who Do You Consider To Be The Most Successful Gun Control Advocate?

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Mao Tse-Tung's great leap forward led to the starvation of millions. Without guns, the people have no means to fight back

Mao Tse-Tung’s great leap forward led to the starvation of millions. Without guns, the people have no means to fight back

Adolph Hitler – Our first candidate needs no introduction, but will get one. With the power of government keeping his unarmed subjects incapable of standing up to him and fearful of the consequences of speaking out against the National Socialist Party, he was able to lead his country and catapult the world into war. However, through concentration camps, Adolph Hitler successfully slaughtered 6 million Jewish souls and another 5 million non Jewish souls. Though Hitler actually eased already existing gun control laws, guns were permitted for “citizens” who met criteria and Jews were not eligible

Josef Stalin – Our next candidate wasn’t as successful in eliminating souls as Hitler, however, due to the hard work of his predecessor, Stalin merely increased his iron grip on the Soviet Union by eliminating only approximately 2 million people whose crime could have merely been not reporting an anti-communist. It is estimated as high as 20 million died during Josef Stalin’s reign of terror.

Mao Tse-Tung – Upwards to 70 million people were killed under his regime, including up to 45 million in four years during his “Great Leap Forward”.

Idi Amin – Killed upPlannedParenthoodSangerPic1 to 500,000 Ugandas during his 8 year reign

Pol Pot – served as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Kampuchea. One out of every 7 Cambodians died during his reign.

King George III – His attempt at gun confiscation with the coercive acts in 1774 backfired as people in American colonies greeted each attempt of gun confiscation with resistance. King George III insistence of depriving Americans of what was viewed as the most important inalienable Right- The right to self defense. It is a truth that is self evident, that a right to self defense is something only a despot could argue against.

"The Young Turks" led the Genocide against the Armenians.

“The Young Turks” led the Genocide against the Armenians.

The American Democrat Party – Although the American Democrat party has not yet abolished all guns except for employees of the government, the cold hearts of many of their members show no respect for the grieving, often offering no condolences while immediately calling for stricter gun control laws. Though the American Democrat party hasn’t slaughtered people, their unwavering support for an organization founded by a blood thirsty racist in Margaret Sanger leaves one scratching their head as to what their true intentions are.

 The Ottoman Empire – Often referred to as The Young Turks, 1.5 million Armenians and other Christian groups were burned alive, taken out to sea and drowned, inoculated with typhoid, poisoned with toxic gas, or given morphine overdoses.  Although the term genocide did not exist until 1945 (30 years later), The Young Turks are considered to be the first genocide of the 20th century. When the Young Turks took control of the Ottoman Empire, they put limitations on gun ownership, The limitations did not affect the the Muslim tribes. The Armenians, left defenseless, were slaughtered.

The Roman genocide of Carthaginians  occurred after the Carthaginians turned over their weapons to the Romans. Since it was “weapons” and not “guns”, they have been excluded from this poll.

For some really crazy reason, some people believe that forcing people to be even more defenseless will make them safer.

We encourage you to share this poll and comment below.

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