Walsh appointed to fill in for Baucus U.S. Senate

February 13, 2014
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I’m sure we’ve all heard by now, Lieutenant Governor John Walsh (D) MT was appointed by Governor Bullock to fill in for Baucus who resigned to become U.S. Ambassador to China.

Looking at the line up just a month or so ago, I knew they were going to pull something.  Well this is it.  Montana voters are neither blind nor stupid.  Although the Democrat party still try’s to tell us that we’re both, they know we’re not.  They know we’ve been paying attention, and they know we’re not happy.

The whole time I’ve been paying attention, they haven’t had a strong candidate for U.S. Senate.  Walsh being appointed to fill in is no more a coincidence than Baucus going to China.  The Democrats need a head start in this race, and the nationwide calls for campaign contributions are already ringing out.

Just this morning I was forwarded a newsletter.  U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D) New York is touting Walsh as some kind of hero.  I have no doubt that Walsh actually had to earn the rank of Brigadier General.  Last I checked the Army doesn’t put just anybody in that position.

This news letter says that Walsh led more than 700 Montanans in Iraq.  That’s great, I’m grateful for this service.  I’m pretty sure most of my fellow Montanans are too, but then it goes on about his accomplishments as Lieutenant Governor.

I think we all know the bit about protecting a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions is probably mostly talking about abortion.  It takes a lot of courage to fight a ruthless enemy in a foreign country.  It takes a lot of something else to kill a human being before they ever even take their first breath.

Abortion is a very tense issue in Montana.  There are over 50 churches right here in my home town.  Clever wording like this is essential, but Walsh has more than just his own record to worry about.

Senator Schumer’s attack on Walsh’s opponent, Congressman Daines, was pretty thin.  It was clearly geared to influence those accustomed to opening their ears and closing their minds.  Not a common trait in Montana.

This is particularly obvious with Schumer’s reference to the government shutdown.  The mainstream media loves to wave the banner of Democrat victory when they talk about it.  Yes, our side did more or less throw in the towel in the end, but the conduct of both sides was noticed by more than a few.

I’ve seen the same thing from the Democrat party, at every level of government since the voters broke their trifecta in 2010.  This never quit, never negotiate, our way or the highway strategy, doesn’t work in a constitutional republic.

We have a system of representative government because there is no one right way to do anything.  We pay these people a base salary of $174,000 a year to keep our people united.  We don’t pay them to wipe out one ideological perspective or another.  We pay them to work out the middle ground for us, so that we can live in peace with our fellow citizens.

They’ve labeled Republicans as The Party of No, but they’re the ones that have almost entirely rejected any input from the other side.  I haven’t forgotten that the Republicans went too far under Bush.  I’m still angry about that, but the Democrats went even farther after 2008.

The Republican Party we have now is not the same Party it was then.  They have been listening to the voters.  Although change is slow, they’re doing exactly what they’re told.  The old cronies that have forgotten their purpose are being ushered to the door with increasing rapidity.

They’re pushing back because they know how many voices were completely ignored, and continue to be ignored.  That isn’t how the United States works.

The American people expect peaceful cooperation from their government.  Bush did do a lot of good things too, just not enough.  The things he did that I don’t like, I really don’t like.  The American people gave power to the Democrats with hope that they would restore the balance, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Instead of restoring the peaceful balance, they retaliated with unprecedented ferocity.

John Walsh isn’t going to bring cooperation back to Washington.  You don’t get this kind of orchestrated maneuvering if you plan on breaking ranks for the better interest of your state, and the nation.  The Democrats know the wall they built isn’t strong enough to contain the American people forever, but they’ll do anything to keep it from breaking as long as they can.


Glenn W. Uncles Jr.

Helena, Montana

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