The Obama We Ignored

May 20, 2012

Much has been made this past week about Barack Obama’s self admitted use of cocaine in college, his views on racial divisions, and his bio in a brochure, supposedly written by Obama himself, in which he states that he was “Kenyan born.” Though these issues might be important, there is something much more indicative of who Barack Obama is, and that is his two-sided mannerisms.

I have heard conservatives moan about much of Obama’s history. While it may be true that the mainstream media widely publicized Bush’s cocaine use and doing very little reporting that Obama has admitted to using cocaine, it is an example of just how far the press will go to hide the real Obama from us.

Yes, there is Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers and many other controversial people who are connected to Obama.  Instead of wondering why Obama is associated with such people, the real question is, why are these people so impressed with Obama?

We can look at all of that, but are we ignoring something much more obvious? Since he has launched his campaign, he has given us example after example of inconsistent behavior that conservatives ought to capitalize on. The example he sets is often at odds with his criticisms of Bush. He preaches tolerance, yet he gives favoritism to some while being intolerant to others. He lectures us about American arrogance, yet he reaches out our enemies while insulting our allies. He talks about about treating all countries equally, but he acts as if all countries are superior to the one he represents.

Is the President ashamed of the country he represents? He would put his hand over his heart during the Russian National Anthem, but won’t raise his hand above his waist during the national anthem of the country he loves. Is he ashamed of the people, of the nation’s policies, or of the nation that would have  him leading it? Is it a disrespect to the men and women who defend those colors?

Why does he show so much reverence to the Muslim religion, while attempting to force Catholics to obey parts of his healthcare law which violate their religious beliefs?   Should we point out his rush to judgement against a white police officer over a black professor, saying the officer “acted stupidly”? At the same time, he lectured the rest of us that this was a “teachable moment” about racial issues. How can the President lecture a nation on racial issues when he himself has so much to learn?

Does the President make his nation proud when they seem him apologizing, or bowing to Kings, of other nations? Does he make the nation proud when he gives that kind or reverence for kings, but sends Winston Churchill’s bust back to England? Is it becoming of a President to send the Dalai Llama and Netanyahu out the back door of the White House?

I think of the movie Pinocchio, in which Pinocchio goes to Pleasure Island, where he had all the fun, he enjoyed all the pleasures, but there was a price to be paid that wasn’t brought to his attention. When the fun ended, the kids on the island were transformed into a Jackasses. Like the kids at Pleasure Island, the Liberal Democrats ignore Obama’s warning signs because they are too interested in what they are receiving. How fitting that the Democrat party is represented by a Jackass.

Those people will always be among us, they are the poor. They are poor not in finances, but poor in the mind, in the heart, and in the soul. Still, there are many others out in America that we must reach out to. These are the independents and the Reagan Democrats, those who don’t obey marching orders from the party elite. The people in the Democrat party whose businesses doesn’t rely on government favoritism, or who go to work everyday to put food on their table, but have bought into the Democrat propaganda that Republicans are evil.

There are the independents, who look objectively at the person, not the party, and by pointing out Barack Obama’s inconsistencies, can easily be catapulted into the Republican camp. It isn’t just that we want them to vote for Mitt Romney, but also for Republicans in congressional districts and in Senate races. When these independents have it pointed out that their Senator or Congressman protests so little against the actions of the leader of their party, then they have little choice into firing the guy as well.

I have heard many liberals state that nothing bothers them more than hypocrisy, but the one hypocrisy they don’t seem to mind at all, is that hypocrisy on the Left. Highlighting how President Obama says one thing, but does the other, who he treats with awe and respect as opposed to how he treats others, and the independents and sensible Democrats will have an understanding why Barack Obama has yet to focus like a laser on our economy. Sometimes all a person needs is to hear the truth, to know it’s truth. Sometimes all a lie needs in order to become a fact, is to avoid confrontation with truth. As Edmund Burke stated, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

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