Put The ID Theory To The Test

March 14, 2012

Democrats, with all their moral superiority, have been demanding that people should be allowed to vote without any photo identification. It’s been called “racist” by the Obama administration and we are calling on you to find out if it is, or if it is not. So we are wanting to find out exactly how many Democrat State Parties do not require people to vote in their primaries, and which states are the Democrats still adhering to this “racist” practice of requiring voters to show their ID. We here at Conservative Fifty have a very simple plan to find out. We call it “Operation Voter ID.”

This is what we would like you to do: Pick the name of a deceased Democrat and then go down and vote using his name.  It’s okay to do this in the Democrat primary because Democrats wouldn’t want a minor thing such as death to prevent a person from voting. If you are allowed to do this, go in and cast a vote against Obama. Obama does not need all those votes anyway, so we want to help President Obama “spread the wealth” of his hard earned votes around a little bit. If the Democrats in your state do require voter ID, call them and express your concern that they have racists in the party that are discriminating against you.

Keep your identification on you because after you are done voting against Obama in the Democrat primary, you can still vote as a Republican in the Republican primary. Then you can actually cast the vote for the person you want to win the GOP nomination. All we are asking is that the Democrat party stop the hypocrisy and allow people to vote in their primaries without any identification throughout the United States.


Q. “Will the Democrats get mad?

A. No, in fact, they will be ecstatic since we are promoting what they advocate. Ending the racist practice of Voter Identification.

Q. “Doesn’t Obama deserve every vote he’s earned?”

A. No, in fact, he has more than his fair share of votes.  He should spread those votes around a little bit.

Q. “Could this cause problems in voter integrity?”

A. No, in fact Democrats would be very pleased to see that even dead Democrats are enthused about ending the “racist” practice of voter identification.

Q. “What if I don’t know any dead Democrats?”

A. Very easy, ask your Democrat friends if they are planning on voting in the primary. If they say yes, tell them that voting “sounds like so much work”, and you will “sacrifice just a little bit more” and cast their vote for them. If they say that they do not plan on voting in the primary, simply ask them if you can go “vote on their behalf”. This will give you a name to use in the Democrat primary.

Q. “What do I do if my Democrat friend gets upset because I want to vote on their behalf?”

A. First explain the them that this is what Obama wants. If that fails, demand they let you vote on their behalf. If that fails, then explain to them nothing is more offensive than hypocrisy. If that doesn’t work, call them names. If that fails, block them on Facebook.

Q. “Is Conservative Fifty actually encouraging voter fraud?”

A.  Absolutely not. We want to maintain voter integrity, but we also think that if Democrats want to say voter identification is a “racist” practice, then we suggest that they lead by example and have all of their primaries ID free, or rather, “Racist Free Zones”.

In all seriousness, we do not condone voter fraud and hopefully anybody who reads this article will realize just how devastating ending voter identification would be to the integrity of not only Republican and Independent voices, but to the voice of the average Democrat as well.  We do not encourage anybody to actually try to vote fraudulently, but we would like people across the nation to call their local Democrat Party headquarters and tell them to lead by example and remove the voter identification requirement of their own primaries before they demand anybody else to do it.

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