Party Like It’s 1868!

March 29, 2012

Q. What do you call a bunch of people dressed in hoods chasing one guy?

A. Zimmerman

El-Oh-El, that’s just so funny. OMG, I’m ROTFLMAO.

Now, in case you don’t get my point, let me be a little bit clearer. I was for Justice, not this. This is not justice, this is hatred, this is vengeance, this is what the 3 and a half years of Barack Obama has brought us. No justice and no peace. Thanks a lot Barack Obama.

I must say, I was really impressed by the way all of those protesters wore a “hoodie” to church. They really got their point across. I don’t think there has been that many people wearing a hood before the cross since the 1950s. Very impressive, plus it got their point across that they were really outraged. I would make one suggestion for the next time. As a symbol of this burning rage, maybe one of them can light the cross on fire. Just a suggestion, what say you Jesse Jackson? Is that what Dr. Martin Luther King taught you?

Oh, Spike Lee, you can do movies, maybe you can do one about people named Zimmerman, what’s the difference, they all look the same, right? Maybe you can just popularize the term Zimmerman as an honor to the first lynching. Shorten it up, like Zimmer.

And I know that Zimmer is half Latino, but let’s lighten him up, call him Whitey. No, try Whitish. Hmm, oh I got it, a “White Hispanic” so as to not offend Latinos. He’ll be the first official “White Hispanic”, plus whenever you want to lynch a Latino, I mean a “Zimmer”, you can just tag him as a “White Hispanic” until all people understand that a Zimmer is somebody who should be lynched.

Equally outstanding is the “New Black Panther Party” who brings their racism, I mean “New brand of equality” to theĀ  nation. We haven’t seen a group like this rise under one President since Andrew Johnson (D) helped bring up the Ku Klux Klan. Oh, I know, maybe the NBPP can change their name to the Kool Klux Klan. They’ve got the hoods, now all they need are the robes. And that million dollar bounty on Zimmerman, I mean, that Zimmer, would impress even Nathan Bedford Forrest. Whoever gets that bounty money sure is going to party like it’s 1868.

Where do each of you stand? I want justice, not a vigilante lynching. This is nuts. I’m embarrassed that we have congressman joining in this vigilante style hatred. One even wore his hood to congress, and even former Grand Wizard Robert Byrd didn’t do that.

Worse yet, where is the Hispanic leadership on this? Are they going to sit back and let this new day lynching occur? Are they calling Barack Obama out on his encouragement? Where is the President? Is he stepping up and giving lectures about a “New Tone”? Some new tone he’s brought to Washington.

Where is LULAC? Where is Congressional Hispanic Caucus calling for peace and faith in our judicial system? If the Latino Democrats won’t stand up against this lynching, why are Latinos even wasting their time voting for Democrats?

And exactly how smart does Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the CBC, and a few others have to be to lead 10% against 90%?

Yes there is racism here, but it’s not as you think. The real racism is that it took a white shooter before any of these people cared about a black teenager dying.

On December 18, 2011 a girl who was about to turn 2 and a boy who was 9 were shot in New Orleans. The girl, who was black, has not been in the national news, and there are no protesters. In fact, I’d say she was even more innocent than Trayvon.

I always figured that if I had my choice of being killed by a white guy, a brown guy, or a black guy, I’d choose, none of the above. It doesn’t matter the color of the guy who kills you, because either way, you’re still dead. Now, I’m beginning to realize that in some instances, it may be better to be killed by a “Zimmer”, because then maybe people will actually care about your death.

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