New Ways For the Left To Ruin Christmas

December 17, 2012

Every Christmas we go through the same drill. Miserable people who can’t stand people being happy, take the happiest time of the year and try to make other people miserable. Don’t blame Atheists, even an Atheist understand that Christmas is a Christian Holiday that is festive and joyous. They understand that even if we should be this friendly to each other all year long, it’s better to be this nice to each other for the last month of the year than to not be nice to each other at all.

Atheist might not believe in God, but many, if not most Atheist take part in Christmas activities. I’m not an Atheist, but certainly is there so much difference in an Atheist and myself that they don’t enjoy Christmas presents? Is there so much difference between us that I can not welcome them to a Christmas Party? Or that they wouldn’t want to go to a Christmas party? I wouldn’t think so.

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