Never Let a Tragedy Go To Waste: Politicizing Hurricane Sandy for “Climate Change” Agenda

November 27, 2012

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Brief History of Man-Altering the Climate

Dr. Spencer Weart, physicist and global warming advocate, explained that the argument in man’s ability to alter the climate began in 1896, when Swedish Scientist, Svante Arrhenius, claimed to have discovered that an increase of fossil fuel usage could raise the temperature of the earth.[1] In fact, until the 1970s; several scientists accepted the premise that the earth in fact was cooling, as opposed to warming due to the increase in cold weather.[2]

Prior to Svante’s theory of CO2 combustion, it was largely accepted in the scientific community that it was only possible for man to manipulate the water cycle; as opposed to any other natural patterns of weather. Just as most theories in science, the theory of global warming has endured its share of skeptics, and it has been proven to be inaccurate at times; however, the advocates for legislation to combat global warming are content with the theory.

The Misnomer of the Term ‘Climate Change’

As the science community has discovered over the course of history, the label of a product can at times, be more valuable than the product itself. As I stated earlier, there were some in the science community who embraced the idea of the earth cooling; as opposed to heating. As the pattern of cooling began to lessen after the 1970s, the revised arguments for global warming resurfaced to the front of scientific discussion.

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