Bill Connor Challenges Lindsey Graham, “Man up, come to us, and debate!”

February 5, 2014

Lindsey Graham continues to find himself the target of criticism from conservative republicans in South Carolina

Recently having faced 7 official GOP county censures, Graham now finds himself having had a virtual gauntlet thrown down at him by one of his top GOP primary challengers, combat veteran, Lieutenant Colonel Bill Connor.

Lt Col Bill Connor speaks at SC State Tea Party Convention

Lt Col Bill Connor speaks at SC State Tea Party Convention

On Monday evening, Connor and his campaign hosted the monthly meeting of the Greenville County GOP Executive Committee.

As can be seen in the above video, during the end of Connor’s speech to the 165 meeting attendees, Connor issued this stern challenge to Graham, “His (Graham’s) people are starting to say that we (Graham’s primary challengers) are maligning his record.  Well, you know what Mr. Lindsey?…  Man up, come to us in debate!  We’ll debate you, you put yourself on the record.  Right now he’s (Graham) been invited to every debate, every forum, he has not come to one of them…So I am here to challenge him right now. Mr. Lindsey Graham, if you’re listening, please come take a stand… you defend your record.”

According to organizers of the several candidate forums that have been held, Graham has either not responded to, or has declined all invitations to participate.

“Well, you know what Mr. Lindsey?… Man up, come to us in debate. We’ll debate you, you put yourself on the record. Right now he’s (Graham) been invited to every debate, every forum, he has not come to one of them”

During the recent SC State Tea Party Coalition Convention held in Myrtle Beach, organizers frustrated with Graham never responding to repeated invitations to attend the nationally streamed forum, decided to improvise and insert Graham into the forum…. At various points during the forum after the candidates would answer questions, the moderator would direct a question towards Graham and then video clips of Graham would be played on two large monitors giving his “replies.”  Graham’s responses such as “What’s Common Core?….” drew a great deal of head shaking, face palms, and laughter from the convention forum attendees.  The forum including Graham’s responses can been seen in its entirety via this link.

In addition to Connor who is a an Army Ranger and 23 year veteran, Graham also is being challenged by businessman and former congressional candidate Richard Cash, State Senator Lee Bright, and co-founder and former co-owner FITSnews Nancy Mace.  News just broke yesterday that former SC democrat party leader and state Chair for the Michael Dukakis campaign Det Bowers is also entering the GOP primary race against Graham.

Based on his unwillingness to face his challengers and answer the questions of SC voters thus far, it looks doubtful that Graham will agree to any debates or forums between now and the June GOP primary.  But he is now on the record as having been publically called out and challenged to “man up.”


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