Jackson, Sharpton Getting Even With Obama?

March 26, 2012

Could it be that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are intentionally sabotaging Barack Obama’s re-election chances? Okay you liberal men out there, time to get your manpons ready because I got a feeling you’re going to be moody after this. Yes I said it, liberal men need a supply of manpons. Before I explain how Jackson and Sharpton are sabotaging Barack Obama’s re-election hopes, I first want to tell you about how I was a victim of racism.

Yes, I am a victim of racism. I was robbed by two black men at gun point. Being that I am a lighter shade of brown, obviously it was because of racism. I do admit that they were almost the victim of “racism.”  During the robbery I believed my life was over, so I grabbed the gun. After the black guy with the gun pulled the gun away, he shoved it back into me and told me to give me the money.  I realized that this obvious racist wanted to take my money, and then he was going to shoot me, so I grabbed his gun again.

If I was able to get the gun away from him, I had every intentions of shooting him, thus proving that I must be a racist. Since I wasn’t able to get their gun away, I ended up turning my money over to them and waited for the sound of gun fire, a sound that fortunately never came. They were just the robbing kind of racist, not the killing kind of racist, lucky me!

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton never came to my defense, my money was never recovered, and to the best of my knowledge, these racists were never charged with any crime. They weren’t even arrested. In fact, it even happened in a predominantly black neighborhood. It’s called “the ghetto.”

Now even though the event actually did happen to me, I am obviously poking fun at my situation. I know those two black men didn’t care about the color of my skin, they cared about the color of money. And I wasn’t interested in taking the life of two “black men,” I was interested in saving the life of a brown guy (me). And while a few people in the neighborhood laughed and told me “Now you know what it’s like to be black”, most black people that I knew actually were very sympathetic and worried about my well being.

Now, before you liberal men get all twisted up with your emotions, slam a manpon on and grow a pair for a few minutes. Seriously. I KNOW IT WASN’T RACISM, and I know it’s not the same thing. My point is simply this, it’s not always racism, and perhaps it is you who should check your racism in at the door.

How many black teenagers are being shot each year for no reason whatsoever? Are you that upset over their lost lives? Or do you only care because a Latino is involved? If I had managed to get the gun away and shot those two men, would you have called me a racist? It seems to me, and please let me know if you disagree, but if you were given a choice of being killed between a black guy, a brown guy, a white guy, or an Asian, who would you pick? Is it better to be killed by a black guy than a brown guy? Does it make it okay? Are brown people only allowed to kill brown people? If you ask me, it doesn’t friggen matter which one kills me, I’d still be dead.

I get it, it appears to be wrong, and my initial reaction was like many of you. How can this still be in this day and age? Really, shouldn’t the law treat us all equal? Shouldn’t justice be served? No justice, no peace, right?

Now, Zimmerman did put himself into a bad position, that much we do know. Beyond that, I don’t know. How far away were they from the vehicle? I don’t know. How much is fact, and what is fiction, I don’t know. Is Zimmerman guilty or innocent. I don’t know. Should the FBI investigate? That, I do agree with.

Where I get lost in all of this is why do I only see the same pictures of Zimmerman in that orange shirt (that kind of looks like a jail jumpsuit), and a very boyish picture of Trayvon in his Hollister shirt? I’m fine with Zimmerman having the opportunity to be proven guilty or exonerated of any crimes in a court of law. That’s as it should be.

The New Black Panthers offering a $10,000 bounty goes a little too far for me. No, it goes a lot too far. What do they plan on doing with Zimmerman if they capture him and turn him over to the New Black Panther Party? Will Zimmerman ever be seen again? You see, my problem is, I don’t claim to know he’s absolutely guilty of shooting Trayvon in cold blood. And will the New Black Panther start putting a bounty out on anybody who kills a black teenager, or do they do that to just Latinos? Will they do it to white people too? Oh wait, Zimmerman is half white and half Latino, so he’s white, unlike Barack Obama who is half white and half black, which makes him black.

This article isn’t about whether I think Zimmerman is innocent or guilty, because unlike most of you, I wasn’t there, I DON’T KNOW if he is or isn’t. What I do see is an escalation of racial tensions, and if Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the New Black Panther Party aren’t careful, they could very well be marking the end of Barack Obama’s Presidency.

Barack Obama did not win the White House because of the black vote. As a matter of fact, thanks in large part to abortions promoted by Democrats, blacks as a percentage of population continues to decrease. Most voters are not black, and Barack Obama will need their vote in order to win.

Look around America, there is civil unrest everywhere in America. Tea Parties, Wisconsin Unions, craptastic OWS, Louisiana Teachers, and now in racial tensions in Florida? Let’s not forget the “teachable moment” beer summit and learning to understand why a Muslim would shoot up an military base in Texas. Now, we have to deal with racial tensions, too? And now the New Black Panther Party gets to put “Bounties” on people? Really? And Barack Obama’s FBI is going to do nothing about that?

Really, if you’re White or Latino, or even Asian, do you want another term for President Obama? Especially if that next bounty might be on a friend or relative, or possibly you? And why is it that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and TNBP won’t trust Obama’s management of the FBI? After all, Eric Holder did drop charges against members of the New Black Panther already when they stood outside polling places with batons in hand. Dividing America by race is not a very good re-election strategy, I’m just sayin’.

If you would like to know more about the Democratic party’s gloried history on race issues, here’s a nice page.

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