Egypt and the Arab Spring: Bill Connor Was Right

November 27, 2012

Photo credit: AP


Below is pasted a piece that our contributor Bill Connor wrote back in February of 2011 at the beginning of the unrest in Egypt and throughout the Middle East that resulted in Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak being deposed, and the Muslim Brotherhood coming into power as the power behind the current government -“the so-called Arab Spring”


Reading back over it now seems sort of eerie because everything that Bill warned about is coming to past.  As you can read in its entirety below, Bill warned – “The Obama administration is being “played” by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and the administration is acting criminally naïve.  If the Muslim Brotherhood is allowed to destroy the Egyptian power structure and come to power, it will spell the end of moderation in the largest, most historic and popular country in the Middle East.  Additionally, it will destroy the lives of Christians and secular minded Egyptian Muslims.  The “spillover” effect will cause problems for our allies throughout the Middle East.  In the past few days King Hussein of Jordan, another moderate Arab leader and friend of the US, was forced to fire his entire cabinet due to recent rioting.  If the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power in Egypt, expect to see the export of Islamism throughout the Middle East.  That kind of destabilization throughout the Middle East will make US and Israeli security a nightmare.”


In the last few days, Egypt has once again erupted in rioting in response to Muslim Brotherhood-backed President Mohamed Morsi declaring for himself virtually unlimited powers.  This comes as tension is past the boiling point between Israel and Gaza after Hamas-controlled Gaza has been lobbing hundreds of rockets into Israel, including the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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