Dazed and Confused – How the Left Destroys Debates

May 6, 2014

I used to like talking to people on the Left. I did. I enjoyed the challenging of minds, that maybe I was wrong. I enjoyed that in an earnest conversation, people could disagree respectfully. There has always been people on both sides of the aisle who, for lack of better description, are simply stupid. Utterly stupid. But try to engage in a debate with somebody on the Liberal left now and often times you’ll be left scratching your head wondering, who on earth are they debating? Other times you’re stuck being called greedy, woman hater, racist, or all of the above. It just leaves you dazed and confused.

catherine-mcneil-by-jeff-bark-for-dazed-confused-may-20131It has turned from solving the world’s problems to ‘abandon hope all ye who enter a discussion with a Liberal’. I search for Liberals who want to have a discussion, and yes, they are out there, but they have become so outnumbered by the cattle that I think they have become intimidated by their own party. It’s like free thought has totally been suppressed by mob rule. If you try to discuss politics in a group setting, you’re subjecting yourself to a crucifixion by mob rule. Politics has turned from the topic of the wise and intelligent to a playground for those who would turn our Democratic Republic into an Idiocracy.

But the solutions of the left are often at odds with the solutions of the left. Their solutions are often contradictory. It’s as if they think because they thought of the idea, it’s a perfect plan and the only opposition to it must be based in hatred, in bigotry, in racism, in greed, in sexism. There isn’t even a hint that they think a person who opposes their thought process might be doing so on reasonable grounds. This is where the problem begins.

You’re not for undocumented workers having citizenship? You must hate all immigrants, you must be racist, you must be for the rich. Never mind that you never said don’t let anybody into the country. Never mind that you never brought up the race. Never mind that it could because you feel like poor people are losing their means to earn money to people coming to the country looking to earn money at lower wages.

Perhaps you feel that allowing these illegal immigrants will feel encouraged and more will come as a result. So what’s the solution to people coming in and working at lower wages than Americans? Of course, raise minimum wage. I understand why illegal immigrants want to come to the country, but why should people who are trying to come to the country legally take a back seat to those who won’t follow those laws?

And, of course, they’ll tell you the economy is fine; after all, look at how well the stock market is performing. Isn’t it so wonderful? These same people who praise Obama for how well Wall Street is being rewarded right now while the rest of us are struggling, were scolding the “1%” for profiting off the backs of the poor. Now I was not against the 1% then, nor do I have animosity towards them now. They are people, just like you and me. But how one can demonize them for making profits while people struggled and two or three years later praise them for making profits while people struggle is, well, confusing.

One minute you’re being chastised for being for the rich and being greedy, the next you’re not happy the economy is doing so well. Never mind that food prices are rising, gas prices are rising, the costs are rising and we just raised minimum wage 5 years ago.

You’re racist, even though you didn’t bring up the President’s race. The person who did the racist act of making the President’s race an issue is the one calling you a racist. Weird huh?

They think people won’t respect and listen to you if you tell them to abstain from sex, but somehow magically people will respect and listen to them when they tell them to wear a condom. But if people respected and listened to Liberals as they tell people to wear condoms, why then are there 1.21 million abortions in America each year? If people wore condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies, wouldn’t the abortion rate be dropping dramatically?

The Liberal Left has forgotten logic and opted to sling insults instead. They’re right, you’re wrong. They are morally superior and you’re a moralist. They care, you don’t. Talk with them and you will discover your wasting precious oxygen that would better serve society by saving a suffocating butterfly somewhere in the Amazon. If you want to have intelligent discussions, you have to seek out people that are open minded. You have to seek out people who are not so judgmental that they assume your position is rooted in hatred, in bigotry, in racism, in sexism, or anyotherism. You have to seek out the intelligent Liberal.



Jeff Blanco

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