Cruz Surges to 15 Point Lead Over Trump in Texas

January 26, 2016



A Brand new CBS poll of Texas primary voters gives some major bragging rights to Ted Cruz…

The poll shows Cruz having surged to the lead at 45% compared to Trump at 30%.  Rubio comes in a distant 3rd place at 8% followed by Carson 5%, Bush 4%, Paul and Christie 2%, Huckabee,  Kasich and Fiorina at 1%, and Santorum with 0% support.

The most recent previous poll taken in Texas in late November showed Cruz and Trump tied at 27%, and the poll previous to that taken in late October showed Carson leading at 23%, with 22% for Trump and Cruz in 3rd place at 14%,  So since October, Cruz has more than tripled his support and surged from third place at 14% to holding a 15% lead at 45%.

And it’s important to note that this latest CBS poll was taken before former Texas Governor Rick Perry endorsed Ted Cruz today, so it does not reflect any boost that Cruz may gain from having the Perry endorsement.

If Cruz gets 50% or more in his home state of Texas, he will take all of Texas’ 155 delegates giving him about 12% of the 1,237 needed to secure the GOP nomination.  And unlike previous primary cycles, Texas is holding its primary on “SEC Tuesday” along with several other southern states which comes near the front of the primary calendar just after the South Carolina primary and Nevada Caucus.  Texas traditionally has held its primary near the end of the primary cycle greatly limiting its effect on the outcome of the nominee.

It’s also important to note that most of the current candidates will be out of the race by the time of the Texas primary, and polls indicate that Cruz by far leads among second choice votes for primary voters, so he stands to gain the most as the lower tier candidates drop out.

Cruz seems to be fairing well in the big states as he took a 2 point lead (25-23%) over trump in the most recent California poll.  Cruz also has surged to an all time high in North Carolina to 23% to Trump’s 27% according to a recent Civitas poll.


By Javan Browder, Managing Editor – Conservative Fifty Dot Com


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