Cruz Scores Endorsement of US Senator Mike Lee

March 10, 2016

Ted Cruz, Mike Lee


Ted Cruz scored a major endorsement of one of his Senate colleagues, Mike Lee of Utah.


Cruz and Lee have been close allies in the Senate. Lee is considered one 0f the most conservative Senators and is well respected among conservatives and the establishment alike.


Lee’s endorsement comes as a nice addition a long list of Congressional House members who have endorsed Cruz.


Lee announced his endorsement this afternoon in a press conference in Florida along with Cruz, and Lee has indicted that more Senate endorsements for Cruz are forthcoming….  Lee’s endorsement comes as a blow to Marco Rubio who is also a close friend and Senate ally of Lee.  It’s been a very bad week for Rubio as he came in a very distant 4th place in the Michigan and Mississippi primaries, and a distant 4th place in Idaho and Hawaii taking zero delegates from any of the four states.  Speculation has grown that Rubio will drop out of the race ahead of Florida’s primary this Tuesday as polling shows him losing his home state badly.


It’s been a good week for Cruz after having received a wide variety of endorsements from across the GOP spectrum including Carly Fiorina, Mark Levin, Neil Bush (brother of Jeb and George W.), and Meghan McCain.  Cruz also topped the field in a new Gallup approval rating poll nearly doubling the approval rating for Trump


Lee’s endorsement of Cruz may also give Cruz a boost for the upcoming Utah primary on March 22nd.  So far Cruz has dominated most western states with the exception of Nevada.



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