Cruz Beats Trump in Palin’s Alaska…

March 2, 2016

Watching the results of Super Tuesday always makes for a long night, especially in the case of the Alaska Caucus where the time runs 6 hours behind the east coast.

Alaska caucus results began to trickle in around 2am ET, and Trump led Cruz 35/30 with the first round.  But as they came in, the numbers quickly trended in Cruz’s favor and held there until just before 4am when the race was called for Cruz, who, with 97% reporting has 36% to Trump’s 34, with Rubio in a distant third at 15%

A Cruz win over Trump in Alaska comes as quite a slap in the face to former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin who went all in for Trump endorsing him and campaigning for him just prior to the Iowa caucus in what at the time was considered a major game changing slap in the face to Cruz…

Super Tuesday had already been good for Cruz who won his home state of Texas over Trump with an impressive margin of 43/27 when the RCP poll average showed Cruz 37, Trump 28.  Cruz also claimed an unexpected 6 point win in Oklahoma, Cruz 34, Trump 28, Rubio 26, when the RCP poll average had put the race very different – Trump at 32%, Rubio 21%, Cruz 20%.

Cruz also unexpectedly finished in strong second places ahead of Rubio in Tennessee, Alabama and Arkansas.

By Javan Browder, Managing Editor – Conservative Fifty Dot Com


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