Conservative U.S. Senate Hopefuls MT, ID, WY, & SD 2014.

January 18, 2014

November is still good way off, and a lot is going to happen between now and then, but at this point, just 4 days into researching these races, I find myself somewhat fascinated by the diversity of the individuals, who at this point, have at least declared an intention, to run in these races.


This is my first time working on a project of this scale, but I get more excited every day.  With so many different people to pay attention to, I expect over the next 10 months, I will have plenty of opportunities to write about some interesting developments.


Now before I get onto a state by state line-up, I need to take a moment to acknowledge, this may not be everybody.  Others may jump in between now and the registration deadline, I may have just plain missed somebody, and some may have already dropped out and I just haven’t come across the publication yet.  In any case, I’ll keep you folks updated as best I can.


Furthermore, the limited details of the life experience I am about to convey about the following candidates, is just a brief introduction.  I fully intend to elaborate in far more detail, in candidate specific articles soon to come.


So here we go.


Here in my home state of Montana, we have our current U.S. Representative Steve Daines.  According to my research, Congressman Daines has an impressive resume as a businessman.  Also running on the conservative side, current state Representative Champ Edmunds served 10 years in the United States Navy and is a mortgage consultant.  The third candidate I have found to have declared intention, on our side, is David Leaser, an air traffic manager at Glacier Park International Airport.


As for my Neighbors in the beautiful state of Idaho, which I have enjoyed visiting many times, Incumbent U.S. Senator Jim Risch has declared intention to run for reelection, and for the time being, appears to have no conservative challengers.  Senator Risch has over 40 years of political experience, served as a county prosecutor, and taught undergraduate classes in criminal justice.


The state of Wyoming is truthfully, the one state that has called me guest more times than any other.  The state of Wyoming has territorial claim to the largest portion of my favorite national park, but I’ve also visited other parts of Wyoming on a few occasions.


The conservative line-up in the state of Wyoming, adds a degree of diversity that I personally found slightly surprising.  Incumbent U.S. Senator Mike Enzi has declared intention to run for reelection.  Senator Enzi served in the Wyoming Air National Guard, is an Eagle Scout and recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout award, and also has credible business experience.  Thomas Bleming has also declared an intention to run.  At least looking at media coverage, Mr. Bleming’s most commonly noted career experience is as a mercenary.  For the pure and simple fact, that just this one aspect of this individual’s life, has received such extraordinary attention, I will take it upon myself to put in some extra time and find out more about this individual.  My initial attempts so far, have indicated that Mr. Bleming also has experience as a photojournalist, and a non-fiction author.


Now as for South Dakota, I regret to acknowledge that I have only had the pleasure of visiting just once.  I was only about 8 years old at the time, but I have very vivid memories of the black hills in particular, and also of Mount Rushmore.  This monument is a true marvel of artistry and very much worth visiting, but I do have to say, mind you I was just a kid, I specifically remember thinking, it looked a lot smaller than I expected, but such are the grandiose ideals of a young American boy.


South Dakota on the other hand, has the longest list of conservative candidates of all the states I’ve been asked to follow.


As is the case here in Montana, South Dakota’s incumbent Democrat senator has also decided to retire.  So far 5 Republicans, 1 Libertarian, and 1 Independent have declared intention to run in this race.


As the term Independent by definition does not imply either conservative or liberal ideals, I will respectfully refrain from introducing this candidate in this article.  This article is for presumable conservatives, but you have my word, I have many more articles to write, and this candidate will also receive an introduction.


Furthermore, by definition, the word Libertarian does not necessarily mean conservative either.  However, my initial attempt to find more information on this candidate uncovered a publication dated December 19, 2013 indicated this candidate has already decided to drop out of the race.


So I will lead off with the former Governor of South Dakota, Mike Rounds.  Governor Rounds has a degree in political science, and has political experience going back to 1990.  Governor Rounds can boast double digit leads, in all 4 of his reelections to his state’s legislature, as well as a very significant lead when he was reelected to his second term as Governor in 2006.


Current South Dakota State Senator and majority whip Larry Rhoden, has also declared intention to run.  Senator Rhoden is a rancher and was elected to the South Dakota Senate in 2010, after initially serving as a state Representative from 2001-2008.


The third experienced lawmaker running for U.S. Senate in South Dakota is current state Representative Stace Nelson.  Representative Nelson served in the United States Marine Corps, and has a degree in criminal justice.


There are 2 more on my list of conservatives running for U.S. Senate in South Dakota.  Dr. Annette Bosworth is a physician, and Jason Ravnsborg is a practicing attorney and member of the United States Army Reserve.


And there you have it folks, that’s the current line-up of conservatives running for U.S. Senate in my neck of the woods.  I very much look forward to learning more about these individuals, passing what I learn onto my fellow citizens, and hopefully assisting voters in making informed decisions in not only my home state, but in these neighboring states as well.


Glenn W. Uncles Jr.


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