Charleston Censures Lindsey Graham: 9th Official GOP Censure for Graham Ahead of June Primary

May 13, 2014
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)  Image source The Blaze

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Image source The Blaze

With just under 30 days left before the June 10 primary, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has received yet another official GOP censure.


On Monday evening the Charleston County GOP, one of the largest and most active county GOP groups in South Carolina, passed a censure resolution against Graham by a vote of 39-32.


Charleston becomes the 9th county GOP to censure Graham since August. Other counties to censure Graham are Lexington, Pickens, Anderson, Laurens, Orangeburg, Greenville, Fairfield, and Chesterfield.


All of the 9 censure measures have cited similar points where conservatives claim that Graham has strayed from the GOP party platform, and or aligned himself with the democrat and leftist agendas. For some years, Graham has been the lightening rod of frustrations among conservative republicans who tend to align themselves more with DeMint and Cruz type republicans over Graham and McCain republicans.


Graham is facing a primary challenge from multiple challengers who together could siphon off enough of the vote to keep Graham under the 50% plus one vote threshold to win the primary without a runoff. All available polling in recent months has shown Graham well under 50%, though he has been bombarding the airwaves with TV and radio ads en masse during the recent weeks. However, no independent scientific polling has been released in recent weeks to show where Graham’s challengers line up against him.


Historically runoffs tend to not favor an incumbent because voters seem to view it as weakness if an incumbent cannot win outright.


It could be that Graham’s 10th censure could come at the ballot box on June 10th, and perhaps his 11th and final censure two weeks later in a runoff if a strong challenger faces him down one on one…





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