Actor James Woods Endorses Ted Cruz for President

November 24, 2015

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US Senator and presidential candidate, Ted Cruz got a high profile endorsement late Monday evening from film actor and producer, James Woods.


The two-time Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner announced his support of Cruz via Twitter saying that “@SenTedCruz and I just spoke for 40 minutes by phone about our love of this country. This man is the real deal. I’m all in!”


James Woods


Woods later Tweeted that “Senator Cruz has a strong posture in foreign policy and an unvarnished view of the domestic economic disaster that Obama has been. #TedCruz” and “@SenTedCruz has finally won me over because of his steadfast devotion to conservative principles regardless of polls or opinions.”


Woods also Tweeted that, “Finally I found him to be truly down to earth. I believe he loves this country, and like so many of us is appalled by the Obama debacle #Cruz”.


Unlike many of his fellow actors and filmmakers in Hollywood who heavily support a leftist democrat agenda, Woods is one of the few staunchly outspoken republican conservatives among his piers.  Woods has been extremely critical of President Obama making such Tweets as, “By the time Obama’s death grip on America is released, it is likely 100,000,000 working age citizens will be unemployed or have given up.”


Wood’s endorsement comes as Cruz has exploded in recent polls.  A brand new Quinpac poll out of Iowa shows Cruz at 23% and in a statistical tie with Donald Trump who is at 25%.  A recent NBC national poll shows Cruz tied in 2nd place with Ben Carson at 18%.


By Javan Browder, Managing Editor – Conservative Fifty Dot Com


James Woods

James Woods



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